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14 April 2010 @ 12:38 am
Since the last few days,I already slept in average 3 hours a day and whoops,my blood preasure went down the hill....
It's not too serious.May be.Just a little headache,babbling incoherently and etc....
But I feel great!!!
May be something is wrong with me after all....
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16 March 2010 @ 10:57 pm
Since the semester break, I have done nothing very productive but then when the semester starts....HELL'S BREAK LOSE!Ah....my head hurt from thinking so much....But then again,it moves my lazy bum out of bed so there's nothing really bad going on...*sigh*

Time's to get my hands on scans so that I can begin editing it without further notice!

(Man!It took me two years to update my journal...I guess...I really am lazy)..
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05 April 2008 @ 05:17 am
Well, how should I say this.... This is really sucks...
I don't want to say it as a problem but I tends to not having strong human emotions or maybe none at all.
It happens whenever I tried to know or feel my ownself, I will be trapped or disapear in my own heart darkness. There is nothing I could grab or hold on. The only thing I know is whether I am crying or not. But it didn't make sense that I don't know the reason that I cried. Sometimes I cried without a reason.

My roomate said that I'm a complete frozen block and there is a wall dividing me and the outside world. She always said that I wouldn't understand people's feeling if I were to stay in that condition... But she was wrong(again). I tends to stripped people's emotion and thinking at the same time with just a small question to trigger themselves. Of course she was also the victim. She said that she didn't understand why I can feel others feel while my own emotions vanished into thin air. To her I said that there's no explanation for what I know.
Can I ask your opinion with this issue? I have been searching an answer that will satisfy my own curiousity and ended it once and for all. Onegai, please tell me the reasons. 
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